Where do I sleep?

Everyone at Kindred Dance Camp stays in indoor cabins that sleep up to 10 people in bunk beds. Bathroom facilities are well maintained, with separate male and female showers/toilets.

I'm scared of bugs, should I go?

DEFINITELY! Although this is an actual campground, with green stuff and bugs, but also quiet beauty, nature, indoor facilities, and lots of bug spray. We have had many campers who hate bugs, and have never spent much time in the outdoors, conquer their fears and enjoy a new rural adventure. The facilities are fantastic, though, and bugs are just a part of the great outdoors!

Who are the teachers?

At Kindred, we call our leaders “Coaches” because they often guide us through activities outside of a scheduled class! Our 2019 coaches include Franz Luigi De Guzman, Carly Carroll, Davina Pasiewicz, Gabriela Miller, Matt Pumanes, Adrian Paul Rosete, Sofia Gehbauer, and director Caiti McDonald.

What is the cost?

Between $175-200, click here for more information.

Is there an age requirement?

We accept 16 and older, but those under 18 will need parental/guardian consent.

What should my skill level in dance be?

We suggest having some basic knowledge of hip hop urban choreography prior to camp. Intermediate to advanced skill is recommended.

Are there scholarships available?

Contact us using the form below if you’d like to talk about alternative payment opportunities! We are here to make camp accessible.


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